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re: The Puppet Post #1

Here is the release of my kill list started the day I downloaded the BEST mod known to WoW kind, Dgks. Sorry its not as big as some of you might expect. It amazes me with how much time I put into raids and arena, and how much time that saps from my killing sprees.

Enjoy! If there is someone who has really erked you post it here. This doesn't have to just be a trophy post, it can be somewhat of a "KoS" list.

Alliance KB list * = Altered letter in name. Count = 154

Kerai Kwonton Overo Nightwalkers Kierin Thyral Flodenelis Celawe
Latra Cariaroth Aranepalan Kludd Sydonai Deathscion Yvelle Ichabhal Uper
Hexn Beastin Swifthappens Ivvy Amoralla Talthena Healed Wickedfier Secksual
Soyfon Naturaldruid Druidx* Adoxs Uper Roxei Layli Selynna mikaboshi
Asherbert Loonfan Ammber Worrgurl Terrakis Sarrunsa Tangas Frigle Mortred
Tapps Hynx Xlaojo Emarine Lcorus Lemgarag Ashura Schtanffen Nublett
Murenzhe Notholy Nemuraan Moonsblood Montano Blindshot Gotzhealz Ovawith Xesoul
Ogblood Kesret Ryxiniia Dyz Tsuenity Litnewby Oaku Jaea Kellean
Wakewalker Nazferatu Deathruler Cobrias Schwarzwald Minock Primeight Resqtoaster Alutou
Sparatan Joriana Babycakess Trysta Cynira Saranami Hyper Veronia Oorly
Tinyrogue Killertotems Grapefroot Bonerogue Alfarin Rensity Lexxci Kazzariin Rinart
Catsaya Traance Contagiousmy Shoshanna Arimy Sucrase Andoraan Marumi Dazarik
Treeferd Zodiec Reignjr Sylania Archange Falkhorn Kuroda Alphadark Elmnt
Vespette Megatron* Lilragdoll Coottie Dargonn Iss Vixxi Gharyhunt Mourtifir
Thror Littlemac Itkovian Dirgeofwayu Glamm Protodin Draenium Necrazial
Polydueces* Pronoob Apelouia Feelhardcore Irius Screamax Coridan Zvim
Tinytiki Adnerb Suide Poke* Veleris Damnodread Lishp Dodgex
Tungata Qwigli Taasha Haankin
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