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Deep Blue was born on Gorgonnash in 2006, we had a good run there, but moved to Kil'jaden since the population on Gorgonnash had hit an all time low.  However our guild mission remains the same.

Deep Blue is a community dedicated to exploring the end game content of the World of Warcraft while maintaining a balance with our real lives. Deep Blue was established in July of 2006. We aim to be a  'casual hardcore' guild. Casual because we raid only 2 days a week; hardcore because when we do raid, we take it seriously and aim to be at or near the top of server progression.

Currently, Deep Blue is riading end game +heroic. We're welcoming in both new players as well as old friends to help us!

While there are many skilled players in WoW, we look for something more in our members. As much time as each of us spends playing the game, and as much as each of us spends each month doing it, it needs to be enjoyable. We appreciate and encourage a solid level of maturity in our members and work hard to cultivate a fun low drama atmosphere. Guild chat is often raunchy and may be unsuitable for some temperaments, but we also take real prejudice very seriously (we pride ourselves on a diverse membership). Content isn't enough if the journey to get there is hell because of the people who surround you.

RAID TIMING: Tuesday 6 pm PST, Thursday 6 PST, Sunday 4 pm(optional) PST

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